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3D Technology in Orthodontics

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3D technology has changed orthodontics for the better. Your providers can now conduct advanced scans, use seemingly futuristic modeling techniques, and provide treatments that are more efficient and accurate than ever before.

This is great news for anyone considering orthodontic treatment for themselves or their child. Modern treatments employing 3D technology are less invasive, more comfortable, and more effective than ever. Continue reading to learn about the benefits that 3D technology in orthodontics.

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X-Rays in 3D

3D scanning and modeling technologies have changed the way x-rays work in an orthodontic setting. The new hardware allows providers to scan 3D models of your mouth that more easily and effectively identify your facial structures, including any misalignments.

Consider the example of impacted canines, which, if left untreated, can cause adult teeth to come in crooked. A 3D x-ray can spot them without relying on a physical exam, ensuring that the problem can be corrected early with non-invasive diagnostic imaging.

Scans in 3D

It should be no surprise that if orthodontists can x-ray in 3D, they can also create detailed 3D scans of your mouth that reveal the whole structure of your jaws and teeth. They can then combine these scans with the wonders of 3D printing to create accurate, customized appliances that perfectly meet each patient’s needs.

The more precisely appliances can be measured and cut, the more effective and efficient they will be at treating your condition. Though Invisalign existed before this technology, 3D scans have made it more affordable and effective than ever. The scans can be easily updated throughout your treatment to set your schedule more accurately than ever, which helps with planning and paying for complex orthodontic procedures.

How 3D Tools Have Changed the Game

3D printing has changed the scope of the tools available for orthodontic procedures. New thermoforming tools allow providers to create clear aligners precisely tailored to your oral structures. Machines can even visualize the placement of your brackets in three dimensions to individualize your braces like never before.

A 3D model of the patient’s jaw can now be used to create customized treatments that match the needs of each patient far more precisely than the generic appliances of the past. Even retainers can be molded to the patient’s exact needs to ensure that teeth never resume their original, unhealthy positions.

Beyond the manufacturing side of things, 3D developments have even optimized workflows in orthodontics. The new technologies allow more staff to devote more time to their patients, ensuring that they always get a treatment visualized, modeled, and applied based on their unique needs.

Even More 3D Technology in Orthodontics Options

We can’t list all the ways in which 3D technology has changed modern orthodontics. The same scanning, modeling, and printing techniques that have made Invisalign more affordable can also be used to create accurate crowns, veneers, and other restorative appliances.

It may be crazy to think about it now, but not long ago, every crown, filling, veneer, and retainer was made by hand or pressed out from a generic mold. But in orthodontics, “one size fits all” is not a correct assumption. The best treatments are those that are most individualized to each patient’s unique oral structures, which is much easier to attain in wake of advances in 3D technology. 

Do 3D Procedures Hurt?

One of the best things about 3D scanning and modeling procedures is that they are even less invasive than the techniques of the past. Orthodontists can now get a complete picture of your oral and facial structures using computer technology. The need for messy, invasive evaluations of anything from malocclusions to impacted teeth is often avoidable with these advances.

Many 3D processes like scans don’t feel like anything at all, which is great news for parents that are concerned about their child’s tolerance for orthodontic procedures. 3D technology has essentially moved the burden of assessment from the physical exam to the digital one. As a result, many procedures have never been easier or less painful than they are right now.

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