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At Reese Orthodontics, my team and I work closely with you to ensure that your treatment gives you a smile that boosts both your confidence and your long-term health.
If you are seeking an orthodontist in Charleston, SC, for yourself, your child, or another loved one, we offer advanced technology and treatment options for the most comfortable and effective orthodontic experience available today. If you are a parent seeking orthodontic care for your child, you can also count on a positive, fun, and child-centered environment at Reese Orthodontics. Your child’s comfort and sense of security is as important to us as their dental health! Treatments such as braces, Invisalign, or early orthodontic intervention can certainly give you a great-looking smile. However, these aesthetic benefits are secondary to a far more critical goal in orthodontics: jaw alignment that promotes a healthy bite and unobstructed breathing. At Reese Orthodontics, my team and I work closely with you to ensure that your treatment gives you a smile that boosts both your confidence and your long-term health.  Ultimately, you should always do your research when choosing a new orthodontist. To help you with your search, I invite you to download my free report, The Top 10 Things to Know Before Choosing Your Charleston, SC, OrthodontistInside this report, you will find the most important questions to ask when considering the right orthodontic office for you and your family. If you have any follow-up questions after reading my report, feel free to call our office and ask!

Getting to know your 5-Star Rated Orthodontist for Braces & Invisalign in Charleston, SC

Dr. Reese

Sitting in Biochemistry Class during dental school at the Medical University of South Carolina I began to think about how in a matter of hours familiar sights, sounds and scents were about to change. Not long afterwards I boarded a plane bound for Africa, and things did change, only not in ways that I had anticipated. My first destination was Kenya. I would be working at Kijabe Hospital.

Under the shepherding eye of a missionary dentist, I placed braces for the first time. I was taught orthodontics was more than just developing a pretty smile it was about changing peoples lives.

Next a chaotic 20-hour bus ride transported me from Kenya to Kampala, Uganda. In Kampala, I worked at Mengo Hospital. My trek then led me to northern Uganda. I traveled to Sudanese refugee camps and local churches, setting up oral surgery clinics and extracting teeth.

From Uganda I traveled to the Congo and boarded a boat to Rwanda. I worked there for the rest of the summer, extracting teeth in prisons containing many who participated in the devastating 1994 genocide. Shyria Hospital in the remote Rwandan mountains was my next stop.

While in dental school, I took advantage of every opportunity, and set-up numerous restorative, hygiene and oral surgery dental clinics throughout Africa and South America. Often seeing upwards of 200 people a day, I extracted more teeth in 9-hours than during four years of dental school.

Through all I learned and experienced, something I had heard during my first trip to Africa lingered in my mind. It was a statement from Dr. Rich, a dentist I worked with in Kenya. “One of the most exciting things that I do here,” he told me, “is placing braces on the kids.” Over the next few years I began to understand the relationship between orthodontics and someone’s function, facial contours and overall health.

I can think of no better job than being an orthodontist . It facilitates my passion for relating to people and having a lasting influence in their life. 12 years later along with a wife and four kids, orthodontics has become not simply a career, but a calling.

Dr. Reese is passionate about orthodontics and the benefits it can provide to you and your children. He considers himself extremely blessed by God to do orthodontics for a living and looks forward to serving you. He also loves spending time with his wife and children. When not in the office, he can be found surfing, fishing, kite boarding, or playing tennis with his wife.
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As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Charleston, SC, Dr. Reese also provides award-winning orthodontic care to patients from West Ashley, North Charleston, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Hollywood, Johns Island, Downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island & Daniel Island, SC.
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