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How to Pick Aesthetic Colors for Your Braces

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Metal braces didn’t always have colors to choose from. However, improvements in materials and methods of application have allowed orthodontists to offer various aesthetic colors for braces to their patients, which appeals not only to kids that want to personalize their smile but also to adults. 

Just as you might color code your wardrobe for a season, switching up the color of your braces can be fun! Whether you want a new color for your braces to celebrate the shift to winter or you’re getting your first braces now and can’t decide which color to get, we want to help you decide. Here’s a guide to the available colors and the reasons you might choose them.

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The Components of Braces Explained

We want to briefly go over the components of braces so you know which parts you can customize with colors.

Braces are attached using several components. These include:

  • The metal bands that anchor the braces to your back molars      
  • The archwire that connects the brackets of each tooth           
  • The brackets themselves     
  • The elastic bands fastened the brackets
  • And the special cement that attaches the brackets to your teeth

The brackets and bands are the parts that can be customized with different colors.

Why Should I Choose Colored Braces?

Many orthodontists recommend that parents encourage their kids to customize their braces. For many of the same reasons, adults can make use of the many color options available as well! The simple act of personalizing braces gives a patient a more positive experience. Braces can take months or even years to complete. Naturally, along the way, many patients will experience discomfort. They will feel different from their classmates. They’ll be disappointed that they can’t enjoy their favorite candies and crunchy snacks.

All of that can be made easier by letting them personalize their braces with colors and making them fun for the wearer. They will be more likely to take ownership of them, more willing to clean them properly, and less focused on the discomfort overall.

What Colors Should I Choose?

Braces come in practically any color you can imagine. You can even combine them for special occasions. Here are just a few dos and don’ts when it comes to picking a braces color for your child or yourself.


One possible way to choose a color involves matching the color of your braces to your skin tone by picking a compliment. As a rule, colors that contrast your skin tone look better than colors that are similar. Skin tones can be dark or light, but they can also be warm or cool.

To know whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, look at the veins in your wrist. If they are blue, your skin is probably cool. Purple means your skin is warm. Anything in between is a neutral skin tone, which will make it even easier to match a color to compliment it.

Once you’ve figured out your skin tone, here’s how you can use it to pick the perfect color for your braces:

  1. Light-cool skin tones lean pink or red. The best braces to compliment them include gray, lavender, light pink, mint green, periwinkle, and other pastel colors, even white.

  1. Dark-cool skin tones have tones of brown or blue. People with this skin should choose braces that are bright jewel colors like turquoise, fuchsia, royal blue, emerald green, ruby red, or vibrant purple.

  1. Dark-warm skin tones have a tint of yellow or gold. To complement your darker skin and hair, opt for braces that are mustard yellow, olive green, cream-colored, or bright red like a cranberry.

  1. Finally, light-warm skin tones are rosy, often accompanied by blonde or red hair. For this tone, braces that are peach, coral, or bright teal would work well.

Beyond personal preference or skin tone compliments, your braces’ color can affect your smile in different ways.

A darker color can make your teeth look whiter in comparison, for instance. You can use your smile to reflect your school pride or your favorite sports team by choosing their mascot colors. You can opt for green in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, orange or glow-in-the-dark for Halloween, red-white-and-blue for the 4th of July, and more. You can even choose to simply match your eyes.

You could also think about the color’s meaning. For example, red is passionate and powerful while blue is calming. Orange is creative, yellow is cheerful, and green is harmonious. Purple is the color of royalty. Feel free to be creative with it!


The colors you choose could also have a negative effect. For example, you probably shouldn’t pick white since this will probably make your braces whiter than your teeth, causing your smile to look yellow in comparison.

This is also true of yellow braces on some teeth. Brown can be problematic since it can look like food stuck in your braces. Black can make your teeth look rotted and ugly, especially from a distance.

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