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Bad Breath and Braces: Tips to Prevent ‘Brace Breath’

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People who wear braces may have a harder time preventing ‘brace breath’ or bad breath related to wearing braces. It can be tough to remove tartar and plaque that lead to halitosis when wearing braces, but there are some tips and tricks that help:

Brush and Floss

When it comes to an oral hygiene routine that is effective in preventing brace breath, make sure that you brush and floss adequately, properly, and vigilantly. When you wear braces, you need to be especially concerned with the formation of tartar and plaque which can lead to brace breath. While twice a day may be enough, brushing and flossing after food or drink of any kind can be helpful in preventing foul breath.

Struggle with dental floss? Invest in some floss threaders which can remove tiny food particles that a brush or traditional floss simply won’t reach when you wear orthodontic equipment, like braces.

Use a Water Flosser

Another approach is to implement a water flosser. This is ideal for cleaning between teeth and braces to remove the plaque. The stream of water makes hard to reach places more accessible and can help prevent foul breath. Talk to your dental provider to learn more.

Invest in a Mouth Rinse

Mouth rinse or mouthwash is another way to kill bad breath if you wear braces. Make sure to look for one that is antibacterial and if you have sensitivities, look for one that does not contain any alcohol.  You can also use food-grade peppermint essential oil diluted with water and baking soda for an all-natural mouth rinse that gives you fresh, minty breath.

Stay Hydrated

If your mouth is too dry, you will also have bad breath so make sure to stay hydrated. Water is the best for preventing the bad breath that can accompany dehydration.

Watch What You Eat

It helps to watch what you eat when you wear braces, and this can also go a long way toward combating brace breath. Avoid foods that could cause tooth decay, like sugary snacks. Skip strongly flavored foods, like onions, hot sauce, or garlic, if you are worried about bad breath- whether you wear braces or not!

Have a Mint

Anyone can struggle with bad breath, but you can temporarily resolve this issue with breath mints. Skip chewing gum as it can stick to your braces and cause issues. Check the sugar content to ensure you are not risking tooth decay to remedy brace breath.

See Your Provider Regularly

It is imperative that you maintain regular dental visits, both for routine dental care as well as to help monitor your progress wearing braces. Talk to your provider for more tips related to getting rid of brace breath.

Got braces? Use these tips to prevent brace breath, or bad breath, due to wearing orthodontic equipment. The providers at Reese Orthodontics offer a wide range of dental services in the area. Call or visit to schedule a consultation or appointment today.

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