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Be Prepared: Braces Survival Kit

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There is nothing worse if you wear braces than being away from home and ill-prepared; without the right supplies, you may find yourself uncomfortable or even experiencing pain related to your braces. Put in some basic braces preparation and know what you need before leaving home. Finding these supplies once you are on the road could be costly or in vain.

Wear braces? Be prepared with a survival kit containing these integral items:

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Whether you wear braces or not, it is a good idea to carry a toothbrush and toothpaste for after eating or drinking- it is basic oral heath and hygiene. Make sure to put the toothbrush in a plastic bag or other protective container to keep it clean and free from bacteria. Choose your favorite toothpaste in a travel size or smaller variation to fit in your kit perfectly.

Floss and Picks

Wearing braces means that you must be vigilant about flossing and removing particles or debris from your teeth. For this reason, it makes sense to carry a few flossers and picks along in your braces survival kit. Toss in a conventional roll of dental floss, too; this can also be quite handy after a meal when away from home.

Dental Wax

Another item that is not unknown to those that wear braces is dental wax. This is an excellent thing to have on-hand if you have a poking wire or bracket on your orthodontic gear. It serves as buffer between the often-uncomfortable metal braces and your mouth- it can protect and help save your mouth, lips, and cheeks from wounds and sores.  Dental wax is widely available but also often provided to patients from their orthodontist.

Lip Balm

It doesn’t hurt to carry some lip balm or ointment to soothe dry or sore lips. Braces can be hard on your mouth- including lips- so bring a bit of balm to emolliate and moisturize, as needed.

Pain Reliever

It is a good idea to include some sort of over-the-counter pain reliever in your survival kit. This may be particularly helpful after a recent tightening or adjustment, which may cause temporary discomfort for some patients. Ask the orthodontist about the best pain relievers for mouth pain.

Bottle of Water

Go ahead and add bottled water to your survival kit for rinsing after brushing or eating- as well as for taking medicine if you are experiencing discomfort. A simple bottle of water is always a worthwhile item to carry with you when out and about.

Do you- or someone you love- wear braces? If so, prepare one of these basic braces survival kits to keep in the car, desk, purse, or bookbag; pick up simple water-repellent bags with zipper enclosures to contain all of these items. For orthodontic appointments and care, reach out to the smile experts at Reese Orthodontics in Charleston, South Carolina, today!

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