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Bite Problems Need Correction

Welcome to Reese Orthodontics, your Charleston, SC premier Invisalign and Braces professional. We look forward to helping you obtain your best smile.

Are your upper and lower jaw aligned perfectly? Misalignment can cause excess wear on the teeth, damage, breakage, speech issues, and difficulty eating, over time. It may become practical to correct your bite with orthodontic treatment, which can also significantly enhance your smile.

Some common bite issues that orthodontic treatment can improve include:


If you have a smile that shows more gums than teeth, you may have an overbite. In the case of an overbite, your upper teeth cover and hide the lower teeth, which can impact self-confidence and esteem. An orthodontist can help.  


In an underbite, the reverse is the case; that is, the lower jaw extends beyond the lower jaw, so the upper teeth are the ones obscured. An underbite can make it difficult to eat or enunciate when speaking. It is important to have an underbite resolved by an orthodontist practitioner to prevent other tooth-related problems later.


A crossbite occurs when an underbite or overbite is not appropriately aligned by an orthodontic provider. Some individuals may have to move the jaw awkwardly in order to close and align the jaw.

Protruding Front Teeth

If your upper front teeth protrude forward, you may be able to improve the appearance with braces. Front Teeth Protrusion makes it difficult to bite or use their front teeth properly, typically depending on the back teeth to chew and process food.


If your teeth simply don’t have enough room to develop and grow, crowding may cause issues with you’re your bite. Braces and invisible straighteners can resolve crowded teeth, which for many, is an issue from adolescence, as adult teeth come in.


Gaps and spaces occur when the jaw is large and teeth have too much room to move. Losing, missing, or removing teeth can also cause spaces that can wreak havoc with your bite. An orthodontist may suggest various approaches, from braces to caps.  


It is best to address an open-bite issue early-on, which reinforces the importance of regular visits to a dental provider. When you have an open bite, the upper and lower jaws are misaligned, creating a space between the upper and lower teeth. This can be the root of many jaw issues, as well as make chewing very difficult, perhaps even painful.   

Do you want to correct your bite? Talk to the orthodontic professionals at Reese Orthodontics to schedule a consultation or learn more. Correcting a bite can do more than enhance the appearance of your teeth; it can make speaking easier, eating more enjoyable, and improve overall self-confidence. Call today.

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