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What Color Braces Should I Get?

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Getting braces is a year-long commitment—sometimes longer—so many patients want the option to customize the look of their investment. Braces can be colored in common colors but also designed with a range of options if patients want to express their individuality with a unique combination.

However, you may be wondering how to choose a color, or what specific colors say about you to the people looking in. This is your guide to figuring out what color braces you should get and also which you should not in certain cases.

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Why You Should Get Braces with Colored Bands

Braces are not the clunky, colorless obligations they used to be. They can now be customized with wild or muted colors, which serve a few unique purposes. Firstly, for patients of any age, they can be an extra expression of individuality. They provide a sense of fun to a process that can get expensive and uncomfortable at times.

However, especially for your kids, braces with colored bands could have a greater purpose. Being able to choose a part of the process and express themselves, kids may be more willing to take care of their braces and less reluctant to go to their follow-up appointments. It won’t work for every kid, but the colors could add an element of fun that makes the process easier for them (and their parents).

How to Choose the Color of Your Braces

Your first instinct may be to choose your favorite color as the easy pick for your braces. However, not all colors are equally suited to all patients. 

Consider these factors to decide what color braces you should get:

  • Gender can factor into the decision if you want your braces to make a visual impact. While there are no hard rules for this distinction since everyone has their own personality and tastes, consider darker colors for men and lighter colors for women as a general rule. Try a dark violet or hunter green for boys and light blue or pastel green for girls.
  • Skin color could be an exception to the above rule, since those with darker skin of either gender may find they prefer the way bright green or turquoise pops out against their complexion. Think about the colors you don’t like to wear when it comes to clothes. They’re probably the same colors that won’t look good on your braces.
  • Diet should be a consideration, because if you drink coffee, tea, or wine often, it can stain lighter colors.
  • Teeth color may also factor into your decision. While it may seem strange, if you have teeth that are a little more yellow, lighter colors may make them appear more so. Conversely, darker colors can make teeth look whiter through contrast.
  • Personal preference should of course factor into your decision, and these preferences can change. You can get different colored braces for the seasons, to match your favorite outfits, celebrate your school or sports colors, or support a cause such as Breast Cancer Awareness.

How Often Can I Change the Color of my Braces?

Speaking of changing your braces for special occasions, many patients wonder how often they can change their preferences. Every time you visit the orthodontist for your adjustments, you can also choose a new color. That means that every 1-2 months, you could change up your preferences.

Why You Might Not Want Braces With Colors

As fun as it is to get braces with colors, there are a few reasons why you may not want to get them. Thankfully, the cost isn’t one of them. The parts that require coloring are so minimal that the costs end up about the same as traditional braces.

However, especially as an adult with a professional job, braces with colors that are too flashy or clash with your clothes may not be a wise choice. This choice sends a message to your coworkers and clients just like the clothes you wear. So you may need to put individuality aside for a moment when deciding the color you want, if any, and think about how it will affect you in your line of work, if at all.

For most people, this would never be an issue, especially if you choose a color that compliments you. Yet, it’s something to think about before you decide that alternating lime green and flamingo pink is the best look for your new braces.

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