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Getting Your Braces Off: What to Expect

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Your braces removal appointment should be a triumphant moment. The excitement of being done with your braces and enjoying your new smile, however, may be marred by the prospect of actually having them removed. Braces have been a part of your life for a while now, so it’s natural to feel anxious about getting them taken off. Below, we’ll show you what to expect from your braces removal appointment and how to prepare. This way, your appointment can be the relief that it should be.

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How are Braces Removed?

The best way to prepare for your braces removal appointment is to understand how your braces will be taken off and what you can expect to feel. Compared to having your braces put on or tightened, the removal process is relatively painless.

The main tool your orthodontist will use to separate your braces from your teeth is a pair of delicate oral pliers. These pliers apply pressure to squeeze off the adhesive that cements your braces to your teeth. While this is happening, you’ll feel a popping sensation as the pressure from the brackets and wires is severed.

Next, your orthodontist removes the leftover adhesive that remains on your teeth. The bonding cement both holds your braces in place during treatment and protects your teeth from the wires while your orthodontist removes them. However, it’s no longer needed once the wires and brackets come off. Your orthodontist will use a special polishing tool to scrape and shine the cement from your teeth.

This will feel strange at first since your teeth have been under pressure for so long and are now smooth. However, this step will feel good in the end, as your orthodontist removes the cement and polishes your new, straighter smile.

Does the Procedure Hurt?

This will likely be every child’s (and adult’s) first question about having their braces removed. The procedure doesn’t hurt, though it can feel very strange. As pressure is released from your teeth, it may feel weird for them to be suddenly free. The adhesive coming off may also sound and feel like a cracking sensation that many patients worry is damaging their teeth.

You shouldn’t worry, though. Your teeth are far tougher than the bonding cement that your orthodontist is removing. It would take far more to crack a tooth than the tiny pliers and scrapers that will remove your braces.

How Long Does It Take?

Braces can usually be removed in an hour or less. It may feel longer in the chair, but there’s no reason to worry. In addition to removing your braces, your orthodontist will also take a new impression of your teeth in order to make your retainers. They’ll also explain how to wear your new retainers, but this shouldn’t take long.

Caring for Teeth After Braces

Your orthodontist will explain how to wear your retainer and what to do about brushing and flossing. In addition to these tips for general care, you may notice that your teeth look different than they did before your treatment, and you may be wondering what to do.

For some patients, removing braces reveals discolored teeth due to insufficient brushing or flossing while the braces were on. It may be tempting to have your teeth whitened right away after your treatment. However, you should wait at least a month or two. Your teeth will be sensitive for a while after the braces are removed.

Your gums may also feel sensitive, inflamed, or irritated. This is normal and should pass within the first week of your braces being off. During this time, it’s important to brush and floss normally as this will reacquaint your gums to their normal sensations and let the irritation pass.

If they still feel painful or irritated after a few days, feel free to contact your orthodontist and ask for their treatment advice.

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