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How to Prepare a Child for Life with Braces

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When a child learns they will need to be fitted with and wear braces, it can be an emotional experience. Depending on how you, the parent or loved one, reacts and responds to the news can be quite impactful. Additionally, the way that you help a child prepare for braces can affect how they adapt, adjust, and accept their orthodontic situation.

Some other things that you can do to help prepare a child for life with braces include:

Get Excited

Some kids may not mind the prospect of wearing braces- even getting excited about this milestone and the outcome later. Laud your child on their maturity and how braces are indicative of them getting older. Wearing braces seems to be quite common nowadays, and many peers and friends likely also wear braces, too. Show enthusiasm and pride; this may help your child may feel the same way.

Acquire Information

Get informed and try to find answers to questions that your child has about wearing braces. Sit down with the orthodontic team and learn what you can- search online for information and an understanding of what is involved with wearing braces.

Offer Reassurance

Sure, some kids might be nervous and apprehensive about the entire experience. Concerns may range from what they will look like when wearing braces or whether the braces will hurt; it can be tough to offer reassurance if you, yourself, have never worn braces. This is where it can help to go online and network and gain more understanding of what your child is in for. Talk to your orthodontist to learn more, too.  These providers have compassion and empathy for their young patients that are preparing for life with braces.

Have Fun

Try to make wearing braces as fun as you can. Go on a special shopping trip for colored elastics, a new toothbrush, novelty braces brackets, or other orthodontic supplies. You may also have some customization options when it comes to the braces themselves; previously, only metal braces were widely available. Now, patients have options to customize braces or choose a variety of colors to suit their personal taste.  Make it fun!

Do you think your child needs braces? Schedule a consult with the orthodontic provider at Reese Orthodontics, and use these tips to help alleviate your child’s concerns surrounding braces.  Wearing braces shouldn’t be scary, and the results make the effort well-worth it! Call for an appointment today.

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