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Top 5 Trends in Orthodontics for 2021

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Orthodontics has been in doctors’ skillsets since ancient Greece. Even Aristotle considered theories for how to straighten teeth! An ancient Roman tomb once yielded an actual dental device intended to prevent tooth collapse, complete with instructions on its intended use.

Being such an old practice, the fact that orthodontics can create trending new technologies and treatments every year is a testament to its importance and longevity. In 2021, several emerging techniques have defined not only how patients are treated this year but how they will continue to be treated in the coming decade.

Here are the top 5 trends in orthodontics in 2021.

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Virtual Customization

With virtual reality and 3D imaging technology finally fit for consumer use, it should be no surprise that orthodontics has adopted these advancements for its patients’ convenience. Smile customization options are now more plentiful than ever. This is never more evident than in the case of new 3D development programs.

Software can now scan a patient’s face and digitally create an image of their post-treatment smile. No matter if it’s braces, veneers, a Herbst jaw appliance, or more. 3D imaging can help boost the confidence of patients who are scared or uncertain about their treatments.

Before investing in a lengthy and expensive treatment, patients can be educated and even calmed by seeing the results first-hand.

Metal Advancements

Braces have come a long way since the early days when kids with mouths full of metal were ridiculed for their condition. Today, braces are not only more affordable and effective, but they have also undergone major technology overhauls.

Chief among the advances are in metal-working: the nickel and copper-titanium wires of modern braces adapt to temperatures and bend naturally with a patient’s jaw. Even the brackets self-tighten today, providing more organic control over treatment progress and more effective results.

Those who have never had braces before may not realize how much lighter these metals are than those previously used in braces treatments. But they still reap the benefits!

Temporary Anchorage Devices

Temporary anchorage devices or TADs are well-known in their uses during oral surgery. They are tiny screws made of titanium that allow surgeons to control tooth and jaw movement during delicate procedures.

Today, TADs have far more applications due to how easy and painless they have become. Orthodontists can now use them more freely in even simple procedures such as braces treatments to prevent unwanted jaw movement and provide a better experience.

Invisalign Appliances

Invisalign appliances have been around for a while, providing patients with the opportunity to straighten their teeth with clear, unobtrusive acrylic appliances that can be taken out to eat, drink, or host a meeting.

Invisalign trays look like retainers, but they are plastic replacements for braces. Your orthodontist will replace them every 1 to 2 weeks during treatment so long as you wear the appliance for 22 hours per day. Advancements in medical-grade plastics have made Invisalign more affordable and available than ever, though they are still more expensive than conventional metal braces.

In 2021, these appliances are easier to apply, cheaper to obtain, and more effective to use than ever. Speak with your orthodontist about the viability of Invisalign treatment for your individual needs.

New Types of Braces

In addition to advances in metals, the structure of braces has come a long way in the past few years. The forceful, unsubtle ligatures and brackets that used to be a patient’s only options have given way to more effective, less painful, and better-looking braces options.

Self-litigating braces have been one such advancement, which allows braces to apply the proper pressure on a patient’s teeth without the use of cumbersome elastic bands. Additionally, braces made of less conventional materials like clear ceramic and colored metals give patients more options for comfort and customization than they ever had in the past.

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