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One Last Hurrah!

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This summer has been unconventional for many families, coping with the restrictions and limitations imposed due to COVID-19. Before summer is over, plan and pull-off some memorable and meaningful family fun; try to involve the whole family and integrate some elements of nature before the season and mild weather slips by.

Enjoy one last hurrah with your family before summer is over:

Spend a Night Outside

Even if you can’t make it to your favorite National Park or campground, spending a night outside under the stars can be very cathartic. Replicate all that you love about camping in the backyard- or rent a RV for the weekend and park it in the driveway! Cook over a fire (or grill!), make s’mores, and lounge in sleeping bags in the grass.

Challenge Yourselves to the Extreme

Have a sit-down with the kids about something that they would like to challenge themselves with. For some, it could be a lengthy hike or trek up a nearby mountain; for others, it could be to try something like skydiving or participating in a local sporting event, like a marathon. Decide on a common goal and start preparing for it; you will be amazed by the sense of accomplishment and pride that this can bring. What a wonderful way to end the summer!

Create a Drive-In Experience

Go all out in creating a drive-in theater experience: in your yard! Rent a projector to display a favorite summer flick on the side of the house, garage, or other makeshift screen. Pop popcorn, lay on blankets, and invite friends- but make sure to adhere to the social distancing guidelines in your area. If things are still restrictive due to the pandemic, make it a family affair instead.

Teach your Kids about Nature

Seek out a day program, tour, or talk that has to do with local wildlife, horticulture, or nature, in general. A great place to start is your local library.

Make it About Food

Get the kids to help make a feast to send-off summer and welcome fall. Sit down with them and discuss food and recipes that they might enjoy; if you can, get them to rifle through cookbooks with you to find new dishes to try. Teach kids a little bit about cooking and food preparation while you are at it. Food is a great way to bond with your family.

Make the most of what is left of the summer. Use these tips to inspire your own outings, adventures, and vacations that are restorative and relaxing, and that put you in the spirit for Fall! When it is time to discuss braces and aligners, come see the professionals at Reese Orthodontics. Enjoy your summer hurrah; we will be here when you get back!

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