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Teen Struggles With Personal Hygiene

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When it comes to teens, hygiene and grooming is everything. However, parents could be asking for a fight and cause conflict with their teens when they attempt to discuss hygiene life skills– or lack thereof. No parent wants their child to be perceived as unkempt or even dirty; but how can parents help without a power struggle? There are some ways to discreetly support your teen, while also encouraging them to follow good personal hygiene protocols in their daily life.

Does your teen struggle with personal hygiene? How are their life skills? Here is how parents can help:

Foster Healthy Habits

Try to encourage and foster good habits, all around. From brushing teeth twice a day to eating nutritious meals, parents can have a direct influence on the everyday lifestyle of their teen. Encourage them to get up off the couch and move; obesity is a social problem that is escalating. Buy healthy snacks, join them on a brisk walk, and encourage open and honest communication. It may seem like your teen isn’t listening to you, but chances are good that they hear what you say.

Get Some Rest

An integral and lifelong skill relates to getting a good night’s rest; make sure your teen knows a little bit about sleep hygiene. Good sleep hygiene sets the stage for a full and restful night’s sleep. This might include darkening a room, not eating anything right before bed, and utilizing a white-noise machine during the night. Another tip is to not use the bedroom for work or studying but dedicate it to sleep and rest.

Know Signs of an Issue

Will you know the signs of an issue, beyond your teen slacking off on the personal hygiene rituals? If you notice that they seem to have given up in terms of their appearance, or if they seem less interested in everyday activities, it might merit an appointment with your family doctor or practitioner. This could be a sign of a mood disorder, like mild depression, that should be evaluated and treated professionally.

Avoid Power Struggles

Parents will never really win an argument with teens over hygiene and barking about it can make it worse. Avoid power struggles and being perceived as critical by keeping comments to yourself. Instead, focus on one thing that you can compliment your teen on- from the way they are wearing their hair to their keen sense of humor. Focus on the positive and you may find your teen becoming more receptive when you do offer constructive criticism.

One of the most important elements of personal hygiene is oral care. Preserve your teen’s oral health with a scheduled visit with Reese Orthodontics. They can recommend the most effective practices for cleaning braces or orthodontic equipment for their patients that wear braces or other gear. Have questions about your teen’s teeth? Call to talk to an orthodontist today.

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