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The Benefits of Early Braces for Your Child

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If you have noticed that your child’s permanent teeth are coming in crooked, you may wonder if it is time to consider braces for them. Early intervention of braces may help correct developmental problems with their teeth and jaws. As a parent, you may be thinking about early orthodontic treatment to address these issues, but are not sure what the right age is to start the process.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment for children that are as young as six years old is called interceptive orthodontics. During this young age, the teeth and jaw are developing and as a result, your orthodontist or dentist may recommend an approach to intercept and treat specific conditions while it is easier to correct. A young child may need braces if they have the following issues:

  • Crowded, crooked or misplaced teeth
  • Spaces between their teeth
  • Extra teeth or missing teeth
  • Breathing through the mouth more than the nose
  • Problems with eating, chewing and biting
  • Protruding teeth
  • jaws and teeth are out of proportion
  • overbite, underbite or crossbite

For example, front teeth that protrude in young children are vulnerable while they are playing and unaware of the possibility that their surroundings may lead to losing a tooth. A simple fall may cause the tooth to be damaged or fractured. Crossbites are another issue that should be addressed in young children, since their jaw may grow unevenly.

Interceptive orthodontics for young children may aid in guiding the jaw to develop within a normal range and prevent future complications. Early braces may help move your child’s bones while they are still malleable and enable the jaw to expand to make more room for their permanent teeth. Early braces may not help all orthodontic issues but may help tremendously in the cases listed above.

Advantages of Early Intervention

Early orthodontic treatment may help your child avoid surgery or tooth extraction later on, and may prove to be less expensive, less painful and less time-consuming in the long run. Early intervention may be advantageous when a child is young since the child’s jaw is still in the process of developing. Appliances such as the palatial/arch expanders may aid in misaligned dental arches or jaws and improve facial symmetry. Early intervention may not negate the need for orthodontic treatment later on but may mitigate some of the treatment concerns in the future and result in a less complex and shorter duration in your orthodontic treatment.

Our expert Charleston County orthodontist and highly trained staff at Reese Orthodontics are eager to join you and your child on the journey to a healthier and happier smile. To request your appointment with our friendly and knowledgeable orthodontist Dr. Reese, please contact us.

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Our expert Charleston County orthodontist and highly trained staff at Reese Orthodontics are eager to join you on the journey to a healthier and happier smile.
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