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Which Kind of Braces is Best?

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Everyone wants a nice smile, right? But the reality is that most people don’t have “perfect” teeth. In fact, about four million Americans, or about 1% of the population currently wear braces. While most wearers are teens, many adults including celebrities and public figures happily wear braces to correct a variety of problems including overcrowding, overbite, underbite, crossbite and jaw problems. The good news is that there is a range of great solutions for dental problems for young and old including invisible vs metal braces.

Which Kind of Braces is Best?

When an individual contemplates getting braces, he or she may ask a lot of questions. “What will I look like when I wear my braces?” “Will I be able to eat normally?” “Will it hurt me to wear braces?” “How long do I have to wear them?” A qualified orthodontist can easily answer each of these questions.

There are four primary types of braces:

  1. Metal braces. Commonly called “traditional braces,” these have small metal brackets bonded to the front of the teeth and a high-grade stainless-steel wire that is threaded through the brackets to apply pressure to the teeth so that they move into position. This is the least expensive approach and often the fastest way to move teeth. It is also the most visible approach and does have more discomfort when comparing invisible vs metal braces.
  2. Ceramic braces. Like metal braces, ceramic braces are applied to the front of the teeth. A wire can be used that is closer to the color of the teeth making these less visible and keeping the faster tooth-moving properties of metal braces.
  3. Lingual braces. These are essentially the same as metal braces except that the brackets are applied to the inside surfaces of the teeth. They are just as effective as metal or ceramic braces but are much less visible. They are more difficult to keep clean and can also make it more difficult to talk. They are an excellent solution for patients needing more extensive treatment.
  4. Invisible braces. Invisalign is the most common and effective invisible tooth alignment system available. They are easy to clean, easy to adjust and more comfortable than metal braces.

The decision between the types of invisible vs metal braces depends on the severity of dental problems as well as the cosmetic or appearance desires of the wearer. An expert orthodontist will provide excellent treatment options.

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