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You CAN Have Holiday Treats!

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If you wear braces, the holidays may present you with some challenges. Naturally, you want to enjoy and indulge in your favorite holiday goodies and snacks, but are these really Braces Friendly Treats? You may be surprised to find that you can still enjoy most of your favorite holiday foods without fear of harming your braces, as long as you continue to practice good oral and orthodontic care.

Hooray- you CAN have holiday treats with braces! Here is what you should know:

Be Mindful

Snacks during the holidays are not wrong- just be mindful to brush more often when you graze on goodies. The extra bites that come with cooking holiday meals, baking, guests- it can add up and needs an extra brushing. Make the holidays the time to recommit to thoroughly brushing a minimum of twice daily.

Floss First

Brushing does not mean that you are off the hook from flossing; in fact, flossing may be even more important for braces wearers than regular brushing. Get the sugars that can hide between teeth and wires with floss- and try to make a habit of drinking a glass of water after sugary or sweet snacks, too.

Stay Smart

Sure, there are still foods that spell trouble for braces wearers and you should avoid them as much as possible. Some of the worst foods and treats for your braces include sticky foods like gummy candy and taffy. Also, you should stay away from seeds, nuts, and don’t bite brittle foods like hard-candy or ice, if possible. Many orthodontic providers also recommend skipping sugary soft drinks, as it can be difficult to remove the sugars left behind between braces.

Attend Appointments

If you wear braces, make sure that you attend your schedule appointments for regular adjustments and assessment. This is as important are everyday oral care when it comes to your braces. After some appointments, the braces may feel tight; talk to your provider and let them know if you experience any discomfort. Also, contact your orthodontist right away if your braces become broken or detached.

See a Dentist

In addition to your routine orthodontic appointments, you should still see your regular dentist. These are the providers who are going to evaluate and look for things like gum disease and cavities, plus you don’t want to miss out on preventative care, like fluoride treatments, to protect your teeth and gums.

Stock Up

Start treating yourself well with a stash of oral care products that can help maintain and care for your braces. Invest in quality products, toothpaste, brushes, and flossers that will make easy work of preserving your orthodontic equipment.

Enjoy your favorite holiday treats – even if you wear braces! Continue to visit your provider at Reese Orthodontics – and maintain good oral habits to compensate for the treats and sweets of the season.

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