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Accelerated Orthodontics Charleston, SC

Reese Orthodontics: Providing Outstanding Results in a Fraction of the Time

Get Your Healthiest Smile Faster Than Imagined

Regardless of how dazzling your smile will be at the end of treatment, many clients aren’t overly excited about wearing braces. We understand this, so Dr. Reese has made it his mission to offer his patients top-tier technology to get them to their lifetime results in less time.

Accelerated orthodontic treatment in Charleston, SC, can reduce treatment times by up to 50%. These techniques are safe, comfortable, and reliable. Better yet, many patients report even fewer instances of discomfort during the course of treatment. AcceleDent and Propel are our chosen systems, and we love incorporating them into treatment plans to get our clients to their new smiles with ease!

Safe and Effective Accelerated Tooth Movement

At Reese Orthodontics, we offer two leading FDA-approved options to deliver results:
  • Option One: AcceleDent

  • Clinically proven to move teeth more quickly than without, AcceleDent uses a comfortable micropulse technology that helps your braces or aligners to complete their task more efficiently. AcceleDent has been providing non-invasive, easy-to-use, hands-free results for clients all over the United States. Reese Orthodontics is excited to offer this technology to patients looking to straighten their teeth more quickly.

  • The absolute ultimate in convenience, this at-home device can easily be added into your daily routine for 15-20 minutes so you can move across the finish line fast! Simply bite down on the device, turn it on, and let it work its magic for approximately 20 minutes. AcceleDent is so mild; Its micropulses assist with tooth movement and are even gentler than brushing your teeth!

  • Option Two: Propel

  • Would you be excited to know that there is a technology we could incorporate into your treatment that was painless, caused no downtime, and could shorten your overall treatment time by months? Dr. Reese and his team have been helping both braces and clear aligner clients achieve well-aligned teeth in less time with Propel.

  • The benefits to choosing Propel are that we can target specific areas that need extra assistance, you don’t have to continue using it daily, and nothing changes to your treatment plan except that your treatment time is dramatically reduced. Imagine being able to flash your new smile in no time at all!

In-home and In-office Accelerated Treatments

We understand that getting you to your goals more quickly is always ideal, which is why we are proud to offer accelerated orthodontics to the communities of West Ashley, North Charleston, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Hollywood, Johns Island, Downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island & Daniel Island, SC. Flexible, revolutionary, and FDA-approved painless systems are the types of technology we stand behind, and we cannot wait to reduce your braces-wearing time dramatically! To learn more about your options for accelerated orthodontics in Charleston, we invite you to take advantage of our free Dr. Reese Smile Analysis by calling 843.573.7279 and speaking with our friendly and knowledgeable team. This thorough examination includes digital x-rays, smile images, and all your questions answered by Dr. Reese. This introductory visit is a $275 value and is our gift to you. Let’s connect and have you feeling fabulous in less time than imagined!
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