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SureSmile Charleston, SC

Reese Orthodontics is leading the way with cutting-edge orthodontic technology. We proudly offer SureSmile to ensure the ultimate precision in obtaining your new smile!

Reese Orthodontics: Bringing You State-of-the-Art Treatments

Reese Orthodontics was the first in Charleston to offer Suresmile technology to its clients. As a board-certified Orthodontist, Dr. Reese ensures he stays current with the latest technologies to provide his patients the best, most comfortable, and accurate care. SureSmile is just one of the ways he continues to do this.

What is SureSmile?

SureSmile is a system that can deliver your perfect smile with greater accuracy and reduced time. Instead of manually adjusting your archwire at your appointments, we shape the archwire using the SureSmile system’s robotic technology. Dr. Reese plans all adjustments with a 3D digital scanner, and you can review a results simulation to see every tooth’s position well in advance of seeing them in real life!

Three Steps to Incredible Teeth with SureSmile

Looking and feeling your best is simple with the SureSmile system and Reese Orthodontics. Three steps ensure a precise and extraordinary result:
  1. 3D Computer Imaging: Dr. Reese, Charleston Orthodontist, uses the OraScanner® or Cone Beam Computerized Tomography to take an advanced 3D scan of your teeth and bite shape. This specialized scan allows your Dr. to better understand your mouth’s inner workings, including the roots, soft tissues, bone, and nerve endings.
  2. Increased Accuracy in Planning. This detailed 3D model provides Dr. Reese insight into your teeth and jaw from every angle, ensuring your treatment plan is exactly what is needed.
  3. Computerized Precision. Once your treatment planning is complete, your Charleston, South Carolina orthodontist uses robotic technology to bend an alloy archwire according to your exact unique requirements. This smart wire technology was created to deliver the delicate yet consistent force needed to guide your teeth into the precise position required to give you a sparkling new smile!

Getting Started with SureSmart

Beginning your smile journey with SureSmart and Reese Orthodontics couldn’t be simpler. Contact our North Charleston, SC, orthodontic office to book a complimentary analysis and consultation. This life-changing appointment with Dr. Reese is the first step in achieving an award-winning smile. It includes a comprehensive examination, low-radiation panoramic digital imaging, and a meet-and-greet tour with our friendly and welcoming staff. This package comes at a $275 value and is our gift to you! Call us today at 843.573.7279 to book your appointment.

Reese Orthodontics is the premier Damon clear and metal braces system provider. Serving West Ashley, North Charleston, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Hollywood, Johns Island, Downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island & Daniel Island, SC, you can trust that you receive award-winning orthodontic care with our team.

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Charleston, SC, our team at Reese Orthodontics also provides award-winning orthodontic care, and Damon clear and metal braces to patients from West Ashley, North Charleston, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Hollywood, Johns Island, Downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, James Island & Daniel Island, SC.

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Our expert Charleston County orthodontist and highly trained staff at Reese Orthodontics are eager to join you on the journey to a healthier and happier smile.
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