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Can I Get Braces Again?

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If you’re asking yourself as an adult if you can get braces again, you’ve likely noticed some signs that your teeth are relapsing, such as crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or even pain. You may be worried about the appearance of your mouth for personal or professional reasons. You may also be having flashbacks to the metal strapped to your mouth during your high school years. 

The shortest answer we can give you is that yes, you can get braces again as an adult. Thankfully, you should worry less about getting braces as an adult due to many factors that will save you time, money, and discomfort compared to your original round of treatment.

Want to find out if you need braces again? Visit Reese Orthodontics in Charleston, SC for leading orthodontic care.

Reasons You Need Braces Again

Ideally, the discomfort and financial investment of braces would guarantee a lifetime of straight smiles. However, certain circumstances can get in the way:

  • Lack of proper maintenance. Your orthodontist prescribed regular retainer usage after your braces for at least a year to make sure your teeth stayed in their new positions. This included wearing it at night. If you were in high school or college and didn’t wear your retainer regularly, your teeth may not have fully adjusted, which could be one reason you need braces again.
  • Changes in your jaw. Your jaw can change position and structure over time due to growth, an accident, wisdom teeth, or bad habits. This can cause your teeth to shift over time, making braces necessary again.

Whether you forgot to wear your retainer, lost it and never replaced it, or your jaw moved without your knowledge, you’re now wondering if getting braces again is worth it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making this decision:

Why Braces are Better the Second Time

Your three major concerns for getting braces again are probably the time, cost, and pain. Fortunately, none of these will be as strenuous as they were during your first round of braces.

In terms of time, these braces likely won’t take as long as the first ones. This is because your teeth probably aren’t as bad as they were before you received any orthodontic treatments at all. 

Additionally, a braces treatment that doesn’t take as long will also not cost as much. Most orthodontists offer financing and insurance options as well. Being an adult and making your own financial decisions will give you control over your treatment this time. You don’t have to get treatment if your financial situation isn’t right.

Finally, pain may be on your mind because of how rough braces were for you as a kid. However, braces have advanced since you were in high school and will probably be smaller and more comfortable than they were decades ago.

Are Braces Right for You?

Knowing that getting braces won’t be as time-consuming, costly, or painful as it was last time should put you at ease about correcting your smile. After all, you’re probably considering it in the first place because of discomfort or cosmetic issues that are affecting your confidence.

If repeating a braces treatment seems extreme, you may be eligible for less intense treatments. Veneers can correct purely cosmetic issues. Invisalign alingers, for instance, can help eligible patients correct minor alignment issues without conventional braces.

To find out if braces are right for you, you should talk to your orthodontist. This is especially true if changes in your jaw or teeth are now causing pain, discomfort, or confidence problems. Issues with crowding, alignment, and pain don’t get better over time without treatment. They simply become more difficult to fix.

Choose Reese Orthodontics

If you’re considering getting braces again, you need professional advice on your treatment and payment options. For orthodontic care in Charleston, SC, Reese Orthodontics offers the latest technology and treatment plans. Our advanced and comfortable orthodontic options can be customized to suit your needs. A consultation with Reese Orthodontics includes scans, a comprehensive exam, and a conversation with the orthodontist to discover which treatments are right for you. 

If you feel that getting braces again is the right move for you, or you simply want to review your options, schedule an appointment with us today to stay ahead of your oral health and receive the best possible care in your area.

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